What is Together in Wrexham?

Wrexham Council want more individuals, communities and groups to come together to help make a difference.

The Council will be doing its bit too. As councils shrink, communities will grow.

Enabling people to make their own positive contribution to help others is the aim of Together in Wrexham.

The Council will support you to enable this to happen and act as a link to help you develop new ideas or cultivate old ones.

It’s a new approach for Wrexham but its main purpose is to empower communities in the County Borough to have a greater involvement.

In line with this ambition the Council will support communities to come together to:

  • Take more responsibility for themselves
  • Actively participate in delivering services
  • Actively participate in re-designing those services which are important to them
  • Take a joint responsibility for improving the quality of life in the places where they live

It also wants to spark enthusiasm for:

  • Creating and developing new ideas
  • Designing initiatives that reflect community need