This is the place to find lots of hints, advice and help on how you can revitalise and unite your neighbourhood.

You already know lots of people in your community who make things happen. They have a strong desire to give a helping hand and want to make a difference. That could be anything from running the local scout or brownie group, organising fundraising events in the local community centre or helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping. The list is colourful and endless.

You too can make things happen – if you are willing, enthusiastic and have a spark of an idea.

Share it with friends and family and see what their reaction is – you could be surprised at how many of them say “I’ve often thought of that but didn’t know how to go about it”.

Together in Wrexham can give you the tools to make your dream happen. It won’t do it for you – that’s down to you but there will be lots of encouragement and sign-posting along the way.